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Fuzhou and Pingtan Island Tourism Activities

      In order to enrich employees' leisure cultural life and enhance team cohesion among colleagues, 

the company will travel to Fuzhou and Pingtan Island for two days on October 21, 2023.

      On the first day at 6:30 pm, gather at the entrance of the factory and depart for the famous 

historical and cultural city of China and the ancient capital of the Eight Min region, "Rongcheng" 

[Fuzhou]. Upon arrival, enjoy Chinese cuisine and enjoy a post meal tour: China's Top Ten Historical 

and Cultural Streets, a microcosm of Fuzhou's diverse cultural heritage, a gathering place for ancient 

nobles and literati, the Three Square and Seven Lane Pedestrian Street, and a view of the Patriotic 

National Hero Lin Zexu Memorial Hall. Depart for Pingtan Island in the afternoon, and then go for 

a stroll on the beach at Longfengtou Beach. Step on the waves and play in the water, barefoot on 

the golden and soft beach, and enjoy a wonderful island fun time. After dinner, drive to the private 

beach - Tannan Bay No. 7 Beach - to experience the resort's unique activity - Bonfire Evening: a 

campfire is lit, music is played, and the leader leads everyone to sing and dance around the campfire, 

experiencing a comfortable life. After the sky turns dark, the scenic area will arrange to set off 

fireworks in a timely manner, leaving a beautiful time for the Pingtan trip.


640 (1).jpg

      The next day, we visited the original ecological Minnan Shicuo by the seaside of Pingtan Island, 

known as the "Stone Can Sing" village in Beigang, Pingtan. The ancient folk song "Light grows stones, 

not grass, wind and sand run on the ground, and houses are like bunkers" witnessed its historical 

sedimentation. Houyan Island, located at the southern end of Pingtan Island and only 68 nautical miles 

away from Nanliao Fishing Port in Hsinchu, Taiwan, is the closest town to Taiwan Island. The large character 

"China Pingtan, the closest place from mainland China to Taiwan Island," is erected in the scenic area. 

Let's take a photo together and leave a beautiful memory.

640 (2).jpg

640 (3).jpg

      We experience the charm of a historic and cultural city in Fuzhou, enjoy the beautiful island scenery 

in Pingtan, and taste the delicious seafood. Standing on the beautiful beach, experiencing the breeze 

and waves, it seems that the soul has also been purified at this moment.