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Hengdian tourism activities

    In order to further promote the company's corporate culture construction, form a good corporate centripetal force and cohesion, at the same time, in order to enrich the spare time life of employees, relieve work pressure, enhance everyone's team awareness, improve employee satisfaction, and improve the company's welfare. From November 9 to 10, 2019, the company organized 85 employees and their families to travel to Hengdian film and television city.


    On the first morning, we are scheduled to gather at 7:30. After all, we will set out. This time is the normal working time. Everyone will leave for Hengdian in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. About 3 hours later, we arrive at Hengdian. It's noon. After lunch, we enter the scenic spot for sightseeing. The first place we go is the qinwanggong scenic spot, which is the birthplace of such large areas as biography of Chu Qiao and Langya bang. Then visit the dream Bund scenic spot. Experience the strong historical and cultural atmosphere and charm of the old Shanghai. The landmark buildings of Shanghai, baidu bridge and the Bund of Shanghai, seem to bring you back to the old Shanghai After watching the performance of "hundred old people's dance", more than 60 foreign actors will perform wonderful and exciting 10 meter high platform diving, air flying, synchronized swimming, synchronized silk dancing and water acrobatics, which is impressive.

    After dinner, I went to dream valley. [dreamland Valley Scenic Area] a large-scale night film and television experience theme park mainly displays various natural phenomena and natural features such as volcanic eruption, rainstorm and mountain torrents, with various amusement facilities and performance activities. Experience the first real-life performance of disaster in China - "Torrential Rain and mountain torrents".

   The next day, after breakfast, we visited the prosperous capital of the Northern Song Dynasty, Qingming Riverside map, which is known as "once stepping into the painting, as if dreaming back for thousands of years". We felt the city style of Bianliang in the Northern Song Dynasty, and enjoyed the large-scale ancient costume sitcoms.


    After that, visit and tour the palace scenic area of Ming and Qing Dynasties, which is built according to the proportion of 1:1 of the Imperial Palace in Beijing. There are lots of productions, such as the golden armour in the city, the desire for evil by golden branches, and the Ming Dynasty. Watch the large-scale stage play the forbidden ceremony.


    The whole trip is easy and natural. This time, the company organized the employees to travel together, which not only made the employees experience the film and television entertainment culture, happy their hearts, but also enhanced their cohesion and sense of belonging. We feel the company's care for employees, so that we can put into work in a better state and better achieve the company's goals.